Tuesday, August 2, 2016



Many of us are at ease taking Uber because it’s much safer and more comfortable than riding other public transportation. Plus, it’s more convenient because availing its service is just one click away. Unfortunately, few days ago the transport network vehicle service was in hot water due to an Uber driver who  allegedly does something not right with  his female  passenger during broad daylight.

According to news, the 22-year-old female passenger took Uber vehicle that was identified as a red Toyota Vios with plate number ARA 3101 at Camp Crame and supposed to be drop off to Katipunan avenue. The moment that the Uber driver Xstian Karlou John Marie reached the pickup place, he immediately cancelled the request and just negotiated with the passenger to take the ride and pay him after

During the ride, the female passenger and Marie had a good conversation until the driver asked his passenger to sit next to him.  “dito ka sa harapan lingon kasi ko ng lingon sa’yo eh!”

The victim granted the request which led her to her worst nightmare. The driver grabbed the passenger’s pr1vat3. He forced her hand to touch his  ___ and perform some 0ra||

"sige na gawin mo na,tinted naman ang kotse".  Carla was so frightened that she thinks that the  Uber driver have a gun or knife, so she had no  other choice but to follow what the suspect says.

Uber had released a statement about the incident: ““First and foremost our thoughts are with the rider and her family. We immediately removed the driver from the Uber platform when we learned of the reported incident and are cooperating fully with law enforcement in their ongoing investigation and stand ready to assist them in every way we can,”

Hearing between LTFRB and parties involved is scheduled on August 10.


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