Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Awra Challenges Vice Ganda In A Showdown "IKAW ANG MAY GUSTO KASI MAY FOREIGNER DUN "


Recently on GGV, the casts of “Ang Probinsyano” TV series were guested by the phenomenal TV host, Vice Ganda on his late night TV show. Actors like Coco Martin—who plays the lead role “Cardo”—and child stars like “Onyok” and the star-on-the-rise, more popularly known as “Awra” who plays as “Mak-Mak”.

Vice Ganda and Awra

We can all recall the kid, Awra, for his viral video post that was apparently caught or recorded on a cellphone camera. We can see him play different roles and improvise his acting lines ranging from being an “aping-api bida” to “bida kontrabida” to a heartbroken girl ala Popoy-Basha. He was remarked as “Awra” because he ended all his actings and short skits with a fierce-looking facial expression that viewers and netizens found really amusing that the little boy became an instant internet star until he was taken up by the producers of “Ang Probinsyano” where he made his first ever, debut acting career as Mak-Mak. He plays the role as a gay kid who has a crush on Cardo [Coco Martin] that’s why he pretends to man-up whenever he was around, but secretly, he always flashes his “aura” fierce-looking style! Which added up more on the TV ratings of the TV series.

So recently, they made an appearance on GGV where Vice Ganda was really amused by seeing the casts of the series, as well as he is delighted by meeting the renowned “Awra”, quoting that he had really waited for that moment to meet him personally. So, the two, being said that both are very good TV comedians, Vice Ganda did not miss the chance to have an acting showdown with the kid. So Vice, gave a short acting trial with Awra as an OFW mom who went abroad to support her kid. The crowd roared with laughter when Awra through a punchline of “Ano meaning ng ‘OFW’”. Vice cannot deny as well that he laughed and rephrased his skit. Awra managed to manifest his superb acting skills and versatility even at a very young age. Vice Ganda got up to hug Awra and said, “Ang tagal kong hinintay na makita ka personally. Ang galing  galing mo!” Awra hugged the host back like they were true-blue soul sisters!

As for Awra, the boy has got some massive potential for his acting career. This kid can soon make it big in the industry of showbiz conedy . Who knows? He can be the next Vice Ganda anytime soon!


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