Saturday, August 20, 2016

PBB Teen Winner MYRTTLE SARROSA does POKEMON GO Challenge With A Twist


It’s been a while since PBB Teen Big Winner Myrtle Sarrosa appeared in the lime light. Now, the netizens are on the state of having LSS for covering the Pokemon OST in time with the growing Pokemon Go craze.

Due to the Pokemon Go augmented reality game, the Pokemon OST has now also become the official motivation song of the Pokemon Goers. Some uploaded a parody of the song just like online sensation Llyod Café Cadena while Mrytle Sarrosa decided to give the OST a twist.

Dressed in a Pokemon trainer outfit, Myrtle Sarrosa wowed the netizens with her own rendition of the Pokemon OST. Honestly, we didn’t know that Myrtle can actually sing and she do got a soothing voice. As a matter of fact, we watched the video twice because we can’t help listening again to her cover. And the twist? It’s at the end of the song where Myrtle did a little rap. Well, she isn’t just a singer but she also got some skills in rapping.

Same with us, many netizens was surprised with Myrtle’s God-given talent. A lot left some great compliments towards the rising star.

After bagging the PBB Teen Edition Season 4 Big Winner title, the door of show business opened its doors to Myrtle Sarrosa. She appeared on various ABS-CBN shows and programs and guested on numerous cosplay gatherings in the country. Currently, Myrtle is busy on her singing career and is now promoting her single “Mr. Pakipot”.


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