Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MTRCB Summons PBB Executives After Underwear Incident With Badjao Girl


After the bullying incident that has occurred inside the PBB House concerning Rita, the Badjao Girl, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) calls out the supposed reality show regarding the issue.

    Few days ago, the teen housemates were seen inside the PBB house making fun and teasing Rita’s undergarments and playing around with it without her further consent, which upon noticing, she took it away out of shame and resumed doing her chores, trying to ignore what the teen housemates have done that seemingly shamed the Badjao girl in front of the other teen housemates. The behavior done by the teens inside the iconic house earned a lot of negative reactions and comments which apparently, been reported towards MTRCB.

    MTRCB called out the show’s writers and producers regarding the issue, to which they have showed a letter saying:

    “With above, and considering further the age as well as gender of the concerned housemate, not to mention the representation made in your program that she belongs to an indigenous group or peoples in the Philippines, we are impelled to ask you attendance, through your authorized representative/s at a conference scheduled for 18 August 2016, 10:30 a.m. at the MTRCB Adjudication Room.”

    Not just that, the people behind PBB as well are facing the appeals done by the representative of the 2nd District of Albay to the government agencies because of the incident when the PBB teen housemates played and made fun of her undergarments.

    We can further recall that this is not the first time the Pinoy Big Brother show faced charges and drew the attention of the MTRCB regarding the behavior of their housemates and the incidents that occurred inside the walls of the iconic house that are utterly controversial and often offensive towards one another. In addition to that, there is no further resolutions as well concerning MTRCB and their actions towards the reality show aside from digging up on a certain issue and closing it without further resolution.


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