Monday, August 8, 2016



Showbiz’ celebrity sweetheart, Heart Evangelista and her husband, the politician Chiz Escudero, takes the challenge known as the #MakeupByBae sponsored by Happy Skin cosmetics brand, where the husband or boyfriend will try to put makeup on their wife or girlfriend. Heart aforementioned at the beginning of the video that Chiz would put makeup on her: “So I have no choice, Chiz is going to put makeup on me so you must enjoy.”

    Chiz then began by taking some wet wipes to clean Heart’s face, then he took the Happy Skin Hydrating Foundation. Heart began to laugh nervously. Then Chiz took the brush and started dusting her wife’s face with the foundation which turned out too thick to which he said, “Tanggalin natin yung oil-oil,” to which Heart responded jokingly, “Hindi ako canvas ha, baka akala mo…” then Chiz laughed menacingly as he continues to brush the foundation on Heart’s face.

    Next, because according to Chiz, Heart has small eyes, therefore, he will try to make it look bigger. But since it is his first time as said by Heart, she took a cat-shaped cat-eye stencil by Happy Skin and Chiz used it to apply eyeliner to Heart’s upper lid. Chiz looked very busy and focused on applying the eyeliner that he had his mouth open the whole time which Heart pointed out, “Close your mouth! (laughs)”.

    Then he added mascara onto her eyelashes with a “rolling” stroke, then he did his eyebrows. He was surprised like a little kid when Heart opened the eyebrow pen and saw a pen (for eyebrows) and then a brush. “Ah, you first use this to color her eyebrows and then you brush it in order to groom it.” Ah Chiz! You sound like a pro now!

    He then added a highlight to emphasize Heart’s cheekbones which he added inappropriately in massive amounts that Heart’s face (to which he admitted) appeared kind of oily! Not just that, he added a blush-on way too much!

    He also put an eyeshadow to Heart’s eyelids, then he has this thought of “there has to be a gradiation, dark to light.” Well, Chiz was right, only that he used a lip brush to apply her eyeshadow! Very wrong, Chiz! Haha!

    Lastly, using Heart’s Lip Liner collab with Happy Skin in the shade “Shut up and Kiss Me”, Chiz applied the lip color carefully which did not turn out bad afterall! Chiz even been proud of what he has done!

    And when Heart was been given a mirror, she was shocked and laughed which she said surprisingly, “It’s not that bad! I mean… I just really look ugly but it’s not as bad as I expected.” With laughs as intervals and such. Commenting it’s okay, then saying it looks horrible.

    But nevertheless, Chiz really adores her wife that much that he said at the end of the video, “Anything on her, with or without makeup, even just a tinge of makeup, suites her quite well.” Which the viewers find sweet, cute and adorable. But undeniably, they look cute together, right? Despite the issues and controversies they went through together, they are still strong and is always there for each other. Way to go, Chiz and Heart!


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