Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Maja Salvador Gives Kakai Bautista A Very Relaxing Massage


Kapamilya stars and besties spotted on a room together; Model, actress and TV host Maja Salvador and singer-comedienne Kakai Bautista were bonding together by having a “homemade” massage session together—but Maja is the one who acts as the “masahista” (masseuse) and their reactions were very funny!

    Maja, who was sitting on top of Kakai’s back while she’s lying face down, were caught on tape massaging and somewhat torturing Kakai’s back with an intense homemade massage.

    Kakai laughs constantly and jokingly complains, “Ma’am, hindi po kasama yung buto! Yung laman lang po!” which Maja brushed off, saying, “Uy ang sarap nga eh!” while Kakai is like in so much pain and relaxation at the same time for chuckling continuously as her bestie rubs her back with her fingers.

    Maja seems like she’s not that skilled on massaging that’s why Kakai constantly complains in a funny way that it hurts much than it should have, especially on the part that, “Parang mas masarap pa yung pagkakaupo mo sa likod ko kesa sa pagmasahe mo eh!” which both of them giggled since Maja is somewhat very comfortable sitting on top of her back.

    Both of them seems to be having a fun time, especially that they rarely have their time-offs and the only way to de-stress is receive a lovely massage—but certainly not from Maja! That girl would seem to torture your back and break your bones and pickle your spleens while she’s massaging you. If you have a fetish on such, best to get your massage from “Maja Masahista” and you might actually enjoy the bone-breaking shiatsu you will receive from her.

    As for Kakai, she seems to be enjoying it. For a fact, Kakai would get two things:First,  free back massage to de-stress from the long hustling at work, and then second, she would get a wobbly, broken back bone. Yes. A broken backbone. Haha! Cheers to you, you lovely besties!


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