Monday, August 15, 2016



Because of the endless curiosity that has been bugging her the past few days, Heaven decided to talk to “Kuya” inside the confession room about the little white things she saw on Rita’s head that could possibly be a lice infestation or dandruff.

    She said that she is concerned that the lice might spread out to other housemates and that she wanted to resolve it as well for the benefit of Rita. She doesn’t want to tell it on to the other housemates as they might perceive it that she is talking behind Rita’s back. As much as possible, she wanted to keep it private and resolve the problem in secrecy so the housemates will not be aloof from Rita knowing that she has a lot of head lice.

    So Big Brother gave her a task to check what it really is on Rita’s head and it was then confirmed that they are head lice. Heaven decided to seek help from Kristine upon knowing that it is head lice so Big Brother gave them a mission to help Rita get rid of the infestation by giving them lice comb and a special shampoo to help Rita with her hair problem.

    Upon heading out the confession room, Heaven pretended to be checking out Rita’s headband and then simply peeking through if they are head lice and by then she talked to Kristine about the issue and they decided to braid Rita’s hair just to make sure they are lice.

    The two talked about the issue and consulted it to “Kuya” to which they were then, given the supplies which Kristine hid inside her jacket and dashed off towards the girls’ bedroom and hid it in their drawers.

    It was a nice thing for Heaven to be concerned about her co-housemates welfare about the head lice issue and the threat that it might spread out to them, which she said will be much difficult to cure if all of them would acquire the hair problem. You go, girls! Good luck on your secret missions!


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