Tuesday, August 2, 2016

KULITAN TIME: Sue and Kristel Sings A Cover of "Love Me Like You"


    Celebrity besties Sue Ramirez and Kristel Fulgar sang off a cute cover of “Love Me Like You” by Little Mix while supposedly having a sleepover with each other.

    The two recorded themselves singing the song while doing their makeup and hair on-cam. Sue and Kristel sang to the beat on a “feel-na-feel” vibe while doing adorably cute wacky faces.

    Sue and Kristel seems to be underrated stars compared to the teen actresses of their batch, but the two had undeniably beautiful voices and has got some groove on acting and performing great as well. The two had their own edges and it is still puzzles why the two were kept underrated despite their talents and skills—which compared to other teen stars with auto-tuned voices and still manage to get even a triple platinum sale on their albums when they can’t even sing a song live. The two proved that they actually possess great voices without the auto-tuning, and it is quite an irony why the two still doesn’t have an album where they can sing their hearts out on (or do they have already? Well if they have, then it doesn’t make much noise on the limelight like others used to).
    Netizens react to their video and asked them to make more videos and covers together since they look so cute and pretty even if they were goofing around each other. The two had really nice singing voices and we think that these two can make it big sometime in the future in the recording industry.

    Watch their hilarious acts on Facebook and YouTube!


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