Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kid Seeks Justice After His Twin Was Intentionally K|lled in an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident


Trending post now on Facebook was from a boy who reported an incident to President Rodrigo Duterte’s news page about the death of his twin brother. He now calls for help after his twin had been hit by an 18-wheeler truck along Potrero and Del Monte St. in Malabon. The boy now cries for justice and by posting on Facebook, hopefully he can get the attention of the public and of media.

    The boy, whose Facebook name is Jaym Matias, posted his story on Facebook about the incident. He narrated it in very much detail. He said that it all started when they went out to go skating with his brother, Jeriemy Monroy Matias, but later on, they have decided to take a stroll around Monumento, Caloocan. He also recalled that he even treated his brother for a bottle of Sprite. He continued on, telling that they have went home exactly at 9:30 PM because of the curfew at 10:00 PM, and even had his twin go on first for he was frail and slow amongst others and so he decided to wait on the street along Potrero and Del Monte St., near the Police Station. And from that, the terrible incident occurred.

    To everyone’s surprise, an 18-wheeler truck took its turn on the corner to which Jeriemy was standing along with his twin and their friends. Jeriemy was hit by the truck. Fortunately enough for the situation, the boy was just ran-over by his leg. JayM even recalls his brother’s cry for help. The people around them gathered around with an intention to help the boy but things happened too quickly. The driver of the truck went down to check out the boy he ran over and saw that he had hit him too badly on the leg that he decided to board his truck once again, powered up and instead of halting back and running away to free the boy of his decrepit condition, he eyed on JayM and his friends with a horrifying glare and ran the wheels straight over the boy’s head, crushing it into pieces without remorse and tried to run away.

    JayM told it way too vividly that his descriptions were very in detail. He even described that the driver ran over his twin “like it was just a cat on the streets” and that they saw right before their very eyes how Jeriemy’s head were crushed and her brains explode on the street’s floor. He described it like it was a can of sardines dropped on the floor and then burst open, it was how his brothers skull were crushed by the wheels. He and his friends had a hard time sleeping at night and that they were very traumatized by the experience.

    It is now a common notion on accidents like this that drivers often kill intentionally the people they hit and was not run dead because it is often said that the victim was better off d3ad because it will be just the burial expenses that would be paid for by the company instead of paying for the overall hospital bills and sustaining the victim for the rest of his life. K1ll1ng the victim would be of cheaper cost than letting it live, they say.

    The boy now cries for justice for his twin brother and hoping that he will get the right jurisdiction for the death of his brother.


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