Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Justice For Rhem Pedrano. V1ctim of A Riding In Tandem


A woman was found lifel3ss in Brgy. West Pembo, Makati 5AM yesterday morning due to GUNSHOT done by a riding-in-tandem.

The viral post sharing this horrendous incident was posted by Reinan Pao Iglesia on Facebook. The v!ctim was identified Rhem Pedrano who works at Solaire Resorts & Casino. According to Iglesia, his friend was on her way to work this and was still few blocks away from her house when she encountered the riding-in-tandem holdapers and sh0t her straight in her head for refusing to give her belongings. Her remains are still under autopsy and the bull3t that took away her life is still buried in her h3ad.

Other than achieving justice for Rhem Pedrano, Iglesia reminded the public to be extra careful in public areas since hundreds of criminals are still free lurking around. You never know when you’re time is up.

Here is Iglesia’s post:

Unfortunately, there are still no reports on whether the Pedrano’s killers were caught by the authorities. Let’s help Rhem Pedrano to achieve the justice that she deserves. Don’t just share this post, if you have any lead about this incident instead come to the authorities and give them your statement.

To end this, we are extending our deep condolences to Rhem Pedrano’s family and loved ones.  We are hoping and praying that justice would be served as soon as possible.


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