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While it seems like it has been only a distant dream for 90s babies to catch their own “pocket monsters” called Pokémon and pursue a life as a Trainer, the dawn of the technology age has developed an application where dreams will be able to come true--- in the real world. While everyone is at buzz to be like Ash Ketchum and catch ‘em all like the series’ famous tagline, “trainers” around the world can now start their search to catch Pokémons and keep them right in their pockets for the game developers have launched game at Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore called “Pokémon GO” where gamers can go out and search for pokemons, catch them and fight with other trainers. The application is a holy grail and blessing from heaven for die-hard fans of the 90s cartoon/anime series.

pokemon go battery empty tips

 However, Pokémon GO uses both your Wi-Fi, camera and GPS which can highly drain the life out of your phone batteries—meaning, dead battery means shorter game time, lower chance to “catch ‘em all”.

But worry not! The developers of the game had included on the newest update to which they added a feature called “battery saver” mode to which when you point your phone down to the ground, it will dim it screen but will not exit your game. Also, even if the screen is dimmed, the app will still notify you on your phone when a Pokémon is nearby and it will still continue to locate your travel distance. Pretty cool, huh? All you have to do is follow these very simple steps to prevent the app for sucking up your battery life:

1.    Launch the game, Pokémon GO like the usual gameplay.
2.    To enable batter saving mode, tap on the pokéball on your game screen located at the lower middle part. It will then show the options screen.
3.    Tap on the settings icon.
4.    Tap on “battery saver”.
5.    Once battery saver is activated, when you point your phone down, the screen will automatically dim but will not really exit your game.

Now that you have it, the best way to play and enjoy Pokémon GO now is to go out with your phone pointed down while walking around. It can save tons of your battery life and in that way, you can also pay attention to your surroundings without the hassle of bumping into obstacles or people in the streets, or worse, have your phone snatched by “Team Rocket”!

Happy playing and go catch ‘em all!


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