Sunday, August 21, 2016

Homemade OKRA Drink Will Help You Fight Diabetes, Asthma and other Kidney Problems


Got problems on your kidneys? Are you inflicted with diabetes? Had trouble because of asthma? Worry no more for this wonder drink has come your way—HOMEMADE OKRA DRINK!

    Okra, or Lady’s Finger, is often disgusted by a lot of people because of its saliva-like juices. But did you know that Okra can help you with various health problems? Yes. For a sure way to solve these problems, it is important to know what are the nutrient contents that are found in these flowering plants.
1 cup of okra contains:

•    30 calories
•    2 grams of protein
•    3 grams of fiber
•    21 milligrams of Vitamin C
•    0.1 fat
•    7.6 grams of carbohydrates
•    80 milligrams of folate
•    60 milligrams of magnesium

Okra is known as a year-round, overall healthy meal. It can be eaten fried, stewed, boiled, pickled and/or raw. It is equally healthy as well, as long as use less saturated fat oils like olive oils.

So how do we make this healthy Okra drink? It’s just as easy as one-two-three! So here it is:

1.    Take four (4) medium-sized okras. You can buy okras on the local department stores and local markets.
2.    Begin to cut its edges, removing the ubod/edges or head of the okra.
3.    Cut all four okras in the middle, splitting it in half.
4.    Now, place the okra inside the cup of water.
5.    Leave the okra pieces soaked in water overnight.
6.    The next day, squeeze the okra into a new cup.
7.    Mix the okra with the new water.
8.    The okra drink is now ready to be drank.
9.    Drink the mixture every morning before breakfast.

And that’s it! Okra is very well known because of its numerous health benefits, not just in curing the aforementioned health problems above. Okra is full-packed with vitamins and nutrients that are overall beneficial for the human body.


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