Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Homeless Man Received A House And A Job After Returning A Lost Wallet. Faith in Humanity Restored


In Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, there is this thing called “karma” wherein the things you do to others—be it good or bad—will find its way to return to you, three-fold and so. So when you do something evil to someone, the evil deed will return to you in ugliest state it could ever get. And if you do well to others, it will return to you twice or thrice as much as what you have done, and that is what happened to this very fortunate homeless man after displaying an exemplary attitude.

    This homeless man in Thailand did not expect to get something after being honest for returning a Hermes wallet containing THB 20,000 or $578 and a credit card. The owner did not noticed that she had lost the wallet until the police had called her telling her that they have their wallet which was apparently returned by this homeless man who happens to pick it up when it fell. The man immediately reported the lost wallet he had found and aimed for it to be returned to the rightful owner as it had contained money and some other important things.

    The owner of the wallet was deeply touched by the deed that has been done by the homeless man. She even said that it was such an exemplary attitude as for her, if she would be put on a position of having almost nothing and not a penny or a cent on her pocket and a wallet containing a hefty sum of money fell by chance in front of her, she would have taken the money for her own but this man did not do it, knowing that he simply have nothing.

    Since the owner had been in deep gratitude with the man, the homeless man had ended up earning a job and a place to live in provided by the owner of the wallet as a token of gratitude and unfathomable thanks to the man who had nothing but still chose to do the right thing.

    While this could be a lesson to all of us. Those who are poor and needy, and basically have nothing in life were the ones who possessed this great deal of morality, humanity and good-natured in general. Unlike to the people who are well-provided in life, some would even keep the money they have picked up anywhere else regardless if the owner had lost it or whatnot. The attitude, humbleness and honesty of the man is amazing, and just like the “karma” and the religious teachings of the church, the good things you do to others shall return to you twice or thrice as much as what you have given. This homeless man is an example of “faith in humanity restored”.


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