Sunday, August 7, 2016



    Sexy model, actress and awesome dancer, Yassi Pressman shows her quirky side on the video she apparently uploaded online and was reuploaded by a lot of users in social media which she was seen playing really goofy on her blogging camera.

    Yassi performed her crazy antics while recording herself. She makes funny faces for her audience and dances awkwardly to the music playing at the background.

    She zooms in the camera into her face, then she crosses her eyes and sticks her tongue out then dances intentionally awkward again.

    Yassi was known to be really kalog and quirky to her family and friends. She apparently enjoys a good sense of humor and probably able to crack really funny jokes off-screen—that’s why she is on the longest-running gag show Bubble Gang.

    As seen on the video, Yassi is confident on fooling around, enjoys making wacky faces on camera, and loves to dance awkwardly regardless if she is on-cam or off-cam— unlike some stars and celebrities who is quite ashamed on doing quirky acts on cam or for public viewing because they don’t want to do ugly faces.

    Yassi loves to upload these kinds of videos showing her funny side. And no matter how hard she tries to make her face ugly by doing wacky facial expressions, she still nails those funny faces and still be beautiful as ever. You go, Yassi! Ikaw na! No wonder why a lot of admirers and fans she scoops through time because beside the fact that this girl have some awesome dance moves, she’s confidently pretty on herself even on being wacky and funny.


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