Monday, August 15, 2016



Charming international singer, the “Superman” that captivated our hearts with his “One Call Away” hit song, Charlie Puth admitted that he is somewhat attracted to this beautiful young actress here in the Philippines! We are now digging it who’s this very lucky actress who has been the “Lois Lane” of Charlie Puth.

    Apparently, on his world tour concert here on the Philippines, Charlie admitted to his audience about this TV show to which he posted in his Snapchat to which this very lovely actress was starred into—and that is Liza Soberano! So he told a little story behind it.

    Charlie stated, “I posted this picture in Snapchat, and then when I woke up, it seems like I’ve won the jackpot for there are a lot of articles about this young actress sharing my post, and apparently, I’m attracted to this young actress [Liza Soberano] so I sent her an invite [for my concert] but she’s busy.”

    Like what a lucky girl Liza is! It’s like Charlie Puth actually went to the Philippines to see her, but we think she denied the request or there was just a mountain of work resting on top of her head to go and see the Superman that was waiting for her.

    My, my, my, Liza! Ikaw na, ikaw na talaga! Like, what’s your secret for that very long hair? It could actually stretch to EDSA for being very lucky to be adored by this charming young actress that is admired by every girls out there, and you? You were sent an invite, personally, to come to see his concert! Like, oh my gosh, what more can I say about your beauty, Liza? You’ve already got the handsome Enrique, and not you’ve also captivated Charlie Puth’s admiration, ikaw na talaga!

    While there is an argument between what Charlie actually said in the concert, some heard that he said, “I’m attracted to this young actress,” and some would argue it’s “I attracted this young actress”. We wouldn’t mind because eitherway, they admire each other in their own ways. And it was a very polite attitude for Charlie, if Liza might be the one that has been attracted, to invite her personally to come and see the show. Too bad she was busy that time, she could’ve met him personally—with VIP access, we think!

    As for Enrique, as what one netizen has mentioned, if he lets Liza slip away from his fingers, there are a lot of guys out there ready to catch her. Good luck to you, ‘Quen!


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