Friday, August 26, 2016

Dolce Amore Ending Highlights, Serena and Simon Wedding Video


Six-month long and successful teleserye “Dolce Amore” starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano has reached its finale last night and we know that you will certainly miss this show. That’s why, to those who will miss and missed the finale last night, here is another recap on the highlights of the finale episode last night.

All fairytales have their respective happy ever after including the story of Serena and Tenten. Despite all the struggles that tested their relationship, still, Serena and Tenten ended up together.
Both dressed in Francis Libiran creation, Serena and Tenten followed the Filipino teleserye tradition of ending up in front of the altar and exchanging heart-warming vows to each other after reconciliating with the person or people that brought hardship and pain to them.

Before the wedding took place, Tenten visited his mom Luciana played by Cherie Gil in jail. Luciana advised her son and Serena to just forget about her but Tenten decided to give his mom another chance despite of all the pain that she caused to him and Serena.

Serena has really no plans of getting married at first since she thought that it would be the end of a good love story based on her past experiences. Still, a wedding is still held between her and Tenten that broke the curse that she’s thinking.

Of course, the wedding vows are the most awaited part of the finale. And we’re very glad to spoil to you their vows. Here they are:

Serena :
“I may not remember a lot about myself, but according to someone I love very much, I loved princess stories when I was young…Prince Charming doesn't have to be perfect. It can also mean na tuwing kasama mo siya (when you are with him), everything is perfect... Tenten you may not be a real life prince, but you have charmed your way into my heart... I vow to always love you. The memory that never faded, the memory of my heart,"

"Alam mo walang nakakaalam nito pero ikaw nagencourage sa akin para ipursue ang musika. Dahil sayo. Dahil sa saya at lahat ng komplikasyon na dala mo. Dahil sa 'yo I found music…Pero alam mo narealize ko lang mali pala ako. It's not because of you that I found music in my life. Dahil ikaw ang musika ko Serena."


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