Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Does Angel Locsin Found the New Love Of Her Life ?


After the nth time of being in an on-off relationship with TV host and actor Luis Manzano, does Angel Locsin finally found a new place to move on? Her followers on her social media accounts claimed speculations that Angel might have a newfound love after her recent breakup with Luis, and that she shared a short video on her Instagram account of her singing “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso” by singer, Donna Cruz.

    Angel Locsin also added a caption, “Sorry, I just have to post this!” and it immediately gained a lot of reactions from her followers and wondered if Angel had someone that makes her heart beat for love once again.

    The 90s hitmaker personally commented on the clip uploaded by Angel and thanked her for that which Angel Locsin claimed that she was a great fan of hers. Donna even said that she can call her “Ate” instead of “Miss”, which Angel formally called her.

    While we can all recall how controversial the relationship was and the breakup itself between Angel and Luis. Apparently, Luis kept on dumping Angel to date other women like Jennylyn Mercado and others, and now more recently, he dumped Angel again to date the newly-crowned sexiest woman in the Philippines, Jessy Mendiola—who was then again, from a controversial on-off relationship with actor, JM De Guzman. We can all remember that Angel, Jennylyn and Jessy have all been FHM’s Sexiest Woman, right? Hmm, Luis might be fishing girls that come off to that chart,eh? Looks like we got your tricks now, Luis!

    Angel might not really have that kind of luck when it comes to her love life. However, these guys don’t deserve the love she gives. Angel’s such a powerful and strong woman, almost like the title role “Darna” that she still holds on the memories of people. Just now, we just hope that there is really “someone” out there now that makes her heart open again for a new life, and hopefully, this guy—whoever he is or if there is one really—will treat her well this time. Angel is such a kind person, almost like the epitome of her name. Just recently, Angel had deleted all their pictures together with Luis, and hopefully this is now a sign that the actress can finally get a move on now with her own life.


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