Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bella Padilla , Yassi and Arci Emotional as They Share The Story of their Heartbreaks


Recently, Camp Sawi stars Arci Muñoz, Bela Padilla, and Yassi Pressman guests on Vice Ganda’s late-night show GGV: Gandang Gabi Vice. The stars were first featured on online articles to be talking about how they have spent their money on their ex-boyfriends, and this time, the three goddesses of Camp Sawi again, talks with Vice Ganda on GGV about their heartbreaks.

    While most cannot believe that no matter how beautiful and how many fans [and guys] out there are looking up to and admiring these stars, like most human beings are, they are afflicted and vulnerable in heartbreaks as well no matter how seemingly “perfect” their lives appears to be.

    Vice Ganda asks the three about their heartbreak stories when they experienced their first heartbreak. Bela was the first to share about her story: “Well, itago nalang natin sa ‘September’,” she told Vice. The other three laughed for the fact that she remembers the exact date. Bela stated she was 20 when she experienced that. She explicated that she remembers it crystal-clear into her memory. “Masakit eh, unang heartbreak eh! Tsaka kasi ito malala doon, akala ko magbabalikan kami kaya kami magkikita kasi nag-break kami, text lang. Kasi magka-text na kami araw-araw ulit tapos magkikita kami tapos yun pala, nire-ready nya lang pala ako. Pagdating doon, tinanong nya pa ko na kung okay lang na may liligawan na ko na iba. At ang malala, wala pa syang dalang kotse nun ako pa nag-drive sakanya pauwi.” (“It hurts, really, like it’s my first heartbreak! And what’s worse, I thought we’ll be back together that’s why we’ll be meeting each other again but then, it was just to prepare me for the worse that it’s finally over. He even asked me if it’ll be okay that he’ll be dating a new girl. And what’s worse than worst, he didn’t bring a car with him so I have to drive him home after.”). Bela ended the story by laughing hideously at that memory she told on GGV. She added thereafter that before breaking up with someone, you would always ask for one last thing, and that is, she said, she asked for a one last hug, and that was the hug that she did not want to let go at all.

    Vice shared his own piece of story by saying that he asked for his ex if they could move the breakup next week, to which they both agreed. It was like some sort of extension because he said that he was not ready yet to let go.

    Yassi, in turn, shared her story that her first heartbreak was when she was 18. “First boyfriend ko. Mga 2 years kaming best friends, tapos naging kami for almost a year. Hindi ko alam na break na kami. Balita ko kami, pero maraming nagsasabi na may girlfriend syang iba. Hindi nya ko binreak, hindi talaga hanggang sa ni-confront ko na. Pag mahal mo kasi di ba, uunawain mo yung mga pagkakamali, tatanggapin mo. Ayoko talaga tanggapin.” (“First boyfriend. We were best friends for 2 years and been together for almost a year. Turns out I didn’t even know we broke up. I know we’re still together, but a lot of people say that he was seeing another girl. He didn’t broke up with me until I decided to confront him. Because, if you love, you would accept all his mistakes, all his flaws. But then, I wouldn’t accept anything because I didn’t see a valid reason.)

    When Arci was asked, she said she was 18 when they decided to court each other but she’s about 22 when it finally became official. “I stalked him, yes, because my mom saw him dating another girl while courting me. But then years passed, I saw him again on a gig and felt like we were meant to be. But we lasted for 6 months only because he went away to see another girl. He broke up with me at 6 a.m. saying he needed a break.”


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