Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Baron Geisler Challenges Baste Duterte "NGAYON OR BUKAS, WAG KANG MAGMALINIS "


    Actor and well-known bad boy is now making a noise once again on social media: Baron Geisler calls out the President’s son, Baste Duterte and challenged him to undergo a D RUG test together with him. He recorded himself using a cellphone camera while driving, there, he addressed his major conquest on the President’s war against drugs by calling out Baste to prove his “cleanliness”. Geisler has been known for going against the President’s advocacy to put an end into D RUGS, saying that his campaign is “anti-poor” and to add up the extra-judicial killing episodes that have been around news and media concerning  addicts and syndicates.

    Geisler challenged Pres. Duterte to have his son take a D RUG test to prove the innocence and cleanliness of his advocacy—since afterall, good morals and the heart of the advocacy should begin on the walls of their home. He completely stated his argument to have Baste take a D RUG test together with him [Geisler] tomorrow, and he asked that what if his son would turn up to be positive on using drugs? What will he [Duterte] do? He kept on repeating on what would the president do if his son would be positive? Would he kill him as well along with the other souls who were claimed by the “OPLAN: Tukhang” of the president? Will the president be true to his words and to the sole advocacy of his administration? The actor challenged the president and his words.

    While the actor-turned-bad-boy had raised a very well argument regarding the drug issues of the country, the credibility of his opinion were perceived irrelevant by social media users because of his reputation with the public and the bar fights he had involved with (not to mention the cocky cage fight with Kiko Matos). The video were bashed by viewers despite of it having a staggering 56,000 views. A Facebook user named, Jason Cruz said that the actor was purposefully making some noise to stay relevant amongst the public. While Geisler have pointed out the President to not be pretentious, viewers had also pointed out if the argument he had raised was proven relevant and would make a nationally big issue to the busy crime-busting project being ran by the government to purge the evilness of this country.


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