Saturday, August 13, 2016

Badjao Girl Heart to Heart Talk With Housemates, What Rita said Will Make YOu Love Her Even More


After being enraged by the fact that she and her underwear was made fun of by the other housemates, Rita a.k.a. Badjao Girl, responded and talked to them about the issue. Vivoree, one of her co-housemates inside the Big Brother house, sat beside Rita who was not joining in with the others on the pool. 

There was a moment of silence between the two then Rita talked to her saying, “Hindi ka pa maliligo?”. Vivoree answered her that she will later, following up with a question, “Okay ka na?” to Rita.

Rita nodded and answered wholeheartedly, “Hindi, okay lang. Hindi talaga ako galit sa inyo, promise.” Then after a few more moments after the small talk, Rita joined the fun with the others on the pool.

Her response made viewers love her even more, commending her values and right etiquette despite the fact that she wasn’t born on a well-off family. It is a known fact that Rita, being a Badjao native, and barely ate their meals and had the slightest chance of being sent to prestigious or private schools had more of an open-minded attitude towards forgiveness and knowing what is right and what is not. Unlike her co-housemates who grew up on well-off and wealthy families, enjoyed the luxuries and pleasures of life, lived off of gadgets and studied on expensive schools—in short, they were pretty much sorted into the middle to upper class state of living. These teen housemates who had made fun of her underwear might have actually forgotten about their GMRC and went quite overboard towards Rita—who, having known not to experience such privileges that the other housemates have gotten, knows a lot better in behaving properly on such situations.

To think, this is actually a reminder for all of us, not just for the housemates themselves. Often we had taken so much material things in life, so much privilege and all luxuries, we have forgotten our morals on what is to be the right thing to behave and act on such situations. What the housemates did to Rita was quite shaming for the part of the Badjao girl and to pick on her things and play around with it is not right. We should not touch things without the owner’s permission, right? So it is also a very wrong to play around with it, which Rita knew so perfectly which might have been forgotten with her fellow housemates that they went overboard with their jokes and behavior towards her underwear.

But regardless of all that, Rita forgave them wholeheartedly and became sport by accepting her fellow housemates’ apologies. Way to go, Rita! Don’t let them pull you down!


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