Sunday, August 21, 2016



Rita Gaviola becomes enraged suddenly after an incident on the pool area with Christian Morones. Christian, allegedly ignored Rita who was supposedly talking to him. Big Brother advised the housemates to get back in inside the house.

    Rita began crying all the way inside the house which was noticed by their Ate Mai-Mai. The atmosphere was actually well inside the house when Rita suddenly went on just like that.

She began crying hysterically, shouting, “Wag tayo mag-away-away! Walang pansinan, ganon ganon. Ano bang ginagawa natin?! Parang nakikita ko yung nanay at tatay ko na nag-aaway! Walang kibuan. Hindi ko kaya!H Hindi ko kaya na lagi tayo nag-aaway!”

The housemates gathered around her while she was sitting on the floor, sobbing. Christian responded her by saying, “Hindi lahat ng problema nareresolba. Hindi pwede na lahat ng tao, palaging masaya. Hindi ginawa ang tao para maging happy machine. Ginawa ang problema para harapin, para matuto at gamitin ito para sa buhay natin.”

Mai-Mai butted in on the feud going on between the two, saying, “Tayong lahat, andito tayo. Concerned tayo lahat. Syempre pag may problema ang isa, syempre tahimik tayo, alangan naman na tayo masaya tapos eto, sila ganito-ganito.”

Rita explained that she saw Christian being unwell. She said that she just wanted to know what is wrong but Christian chose not to enunciate it right now to her. He explained that he just wouldn’t want anybody to know yet, quoting that even Big Brother said that everything has the right place at the right time and that they cannot simply rush things. Did anybody want him to burst right in inside the house? No. And that is Rita cannot simply understand because they kept on emphasizing that they are specifically “older” and “more mature” than her.

Afterall, everyone had learned on this lesson. Young or old, everyone learns a gist of life lesson from each other. And PBB House was there to further understand the human interaction and interrelationship with one another, socially and psychologically.

Big Brother explained that Rita can only see her family on the way the housemates fight internally with one another, and that reminds her of her parents when they had a quarrel, and she simply doesn’t like that.

After that talk-session with Kuya, Christian went out and apologized to Rita by hugging her like an elder brother.


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