Saturday, August 6, 2016

8 Philippine New Laws Under Duterte's Few Months


Out of 40 laws that the 16th Congress passed, 36 are still in pending to be signed by the newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte.

new laws of the philippines

Here are the few that stood out from the list:

1.    Stricter Anti-Carnapping Law (Republic Act 10883)
 “An act providing for a new anti-carnapping law of the Philippines” now penalizes carnappers to be jailed 30 up to 40 years and lifetime if the crime involved victims being killed or raped while the people who cooperated in the crime will be jailed from 6 to 12 years plus paying a fine amounting the price of the carnapped vehicle.
From bailable offense, carnappin is now non-bailable.

2.    Mandatory subtitles (Republic Act 10905)
The act now requires TV stations to provide subtitles for the benefit of the deaf community except for shows that air from 1am to 6am and public service announcements under 10 minutes.
Stations that would not comply will be penalized to pay a fine amounting P50,000.00 to P100,000.00 or be imprisoned for atleast 6 to twelve months. Licensed to operation can be possibly cancelled.

3.    Keeping Filipinas from becoming mail order brides (Republic Act 10906)

“An act providing stronger measures against unlawful practices, businesses, and schemes of matching and offering Filipinos to foreign nationals for purposes of marriage or common law partnership, repealing for the purpose republic act no. 6955, also referred to as the 'anti-mail order bride law'"
Guilty parties will be imprisoned for 10 to 20 years imprisonment and required to pay P500,000.00 to P1-M as fine depending on the number of people being victimized.
The foreign nationals that got involved in the crime will be immediately deported back to their country .

4.    No more candies or inexact change (Republic Act 10909)
This act created a big buzz before Duterte took for presidency. This is an act requiring business establishments to give exact exchange not candies to their consumers.
Establishments that will fail to comply will be fined P500 or 3% of gross sales for first offense, P5,000 or 5% of gross sales for second offense, and P15,000 or 7% or gross sales and will face 3- month suspension in their operations.

Frequent offenders will be fined P25,000.00 and full cancelation of their operations.

5.    Longer prescription for crimes of graft and corruption (Republic Act 10910)
“An act increasing the prescriptive period for violations of Republic Act no. 3019, otherwise known as the 'anti-graft and corrupt practices act' from fifteen (15) years to twenty years, amending section 11 thereof”

6.    Anti-age discrimination for employees (Republic Act 10911)
Establishments are prohibited to take into consideration the age of applicants or employees subject to promotion, training opportunities , compensation and privileges given by the company.
Companies that won’t comply will be fined P50,000.00 to P500,000.00 and imprisonment for three months to two years.

7.    No more texting while driving (Republic Act 10913)
Using of mobile phones while driving is prohibited unless during emergency cases or is part of work.  Violators will be fined 5,000 for first offense, P10,000 for second offense, and P15,000 and suspension of license for three months for the third offense. 

8.    Mandatory speed limiters (Republic Act 10916)
“An act requiring the mandatory installation of speed limiter in public utility and certain types of vehicles”
Operators that would not comply will be fined P50,000.00 and will not be allowed for registration or be given franchise permit while for the case of drivers, they will be suspended for 1 month.


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