Thursday, July 7, 2016

WATCH: Liza Soberano Rap Video Goes Viral


They said that when God distributed all the beauties to the world,  Filipina actress Liza Soberano received almost 90 percent of it.

liza soberano rap video

source: Boompanot
Not just beauty, Liza Soberano possesses many talents like acting, singing , and dancing. Unknown to several fans, the half American half Filipino actress do also likes to rap.

According to a popular website, Liza Soberano is currently 2nd as  the most beautiful woman in the world. One rank behind Selena Gomez.

If you’re a Liza Soberano fan ever since, this kind of talent showcasing video of Liza Soberano would not be new to you. Before being a well known star, the “Dolce Amore” leading lady has been sharing clips of her singing in closed doors on her instagram account. If our memory serves us right, we saw an instagram video of Liza singing inside her room while playing the guitar. Yes, she’s not just good at singing, she also plays the guitar and good at rap.

Watch the Forevermore and Dolce Amore star rap video below.


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