Friday, July 29, 2016



This photo of Jessy Mendiola has gone viral after she posted it on instagram that confused a lot of netizens why Jessy posted such photo. Did she got involve in an accident?

With bruise and blood on her beautiful face, Jessy Mendiola shocked her followers on Instagram for posting this photo. At first glance, you might think that the F H M s3xiest female got into a serious accident but actually, Jessy Mendiola is still in one piece and still pretty and s3xy.

Upon reading the caption of Jessy Mendiola’s post, the bruise and the blood on her face were just make-up. The photo was snapped before the Kapamilya sexy actress hit the screen for her close-up shot as part of the look test of her upcoming project.

"Do I have something on my face?" Mendiola teased in the caption along with the hashtag #kuracha.
There’s still no confirmation if the title of the project that Jessy Mendiola would be starring is “Kuracha” but for sure many would be anticipating the project to hit the theathers or the small screen. By examining the look, we think that this project falls in the horror genre since November is fast approaching.

We checked again Jessy Mendiola’s Instagram and found that this photo was taken down. Maybe, it wasn’t still the right time to reveal the project.
The last time Jessy Mendiola was casted for a movie was on 2014 for the movie “The Trial” co-staring John Lloyd Cruz.


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