Sunday, July 3, 2016



Kim Domingo’s previous relationship lasted for six years. Maybe, Michael Acuña is the one that Kim Domingo has been waiting for – the right guy whom the Lord destined for her.

After revealing that she had broken up with her boyfriend last month, a photo of Kim Domingo and a non-showbiz guy surfaced online building speculations that this guy is probably the lucky guy who fixed Kim’s broken heart.

Meet Michael Acuña, the lucky guy who now gives Kim Domingo a reason to love again. The photo of Kim and Michael together started go viral between the last days of June up to early July. Upon checking Michael account, we found that he and Kim officially became a couple on June 28 as seen on Michael’s relationship status on that date.

 Browsing Michael’s Facebook account, we found that Michael has a big crush to Kim Domingo and luckily, their paths met one day and the rest was history. Before Michael and Kim’s official relationship status on Facebook, it’s very noticeable that these two already have some special feelings for each other.

As seen on their photos, Kim was present on Michael’s basketball championship and they even spent an intimate night together in a resort. Not to mention, they love joyriding since Michael is a former car racing driver which made us think that he first encounter Kim Domingo on some car shows where she was invited to be a visual model.

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