Tuesday, July 26, 2016

VIRAL: Vhong Navarro Hokage Moves To Anne Curtis Caught On Camera


Former Streetboys dancer, Vhong Navarro, and Filipina actress and TV-host, Anne Curtis, was caught in act behind the scenes spoofing and fooling around with each other before their noontime show “Showtime”.

    The hosts, who we have actually thought to share a romantic relationship with one another, is nothing more than really close friends and probably best of friends. But the two, having undeniable chemistry on-screen was often teased with their co-hosts like Teddy Corpuz (vocalist of the band, Rocksteddy) for having an “LQ” or lover’s quarrel when they don’t sit together closely or when they were having silent moments together. The two were also seen together sharing something on their phones, Vhong as if teaching Anne something on the phone and sometimes Vhong would cling his arms around Anne, which was also a root for the two to be a laughingstock and teasing-pot of the team.

hokage moves of vhong navarro

    Though this “ship” can easily “sink” for the fact that Anne and Vhong cannot simply be a couple or would be a thousand light-years away to share a romantic relationship. Anne, having known to have a relationship with Solenn Heussaff’s brother, Erwan and Vhong, known to have a wife and child before his career on Showtime. This just proves that a man and a woman can be and stay best of friends, which in Vhong and Anne’s case, is likely to be one like I have mentioned above.

    But who would ever know, right? The two have chemistry. Maybe they can work out as love-teams on a sitcom or a film. Both are very good actors and actresses, who knows what they might have on store for everyone?


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