Wednesday, July 13, 2016

VIRAL :Singer JAY - R Siaboc Surrenders to Duterte Administration's Police


Ex-‘PDA’ finalist Siaboc was repotedly surrendered to Cebu City police for using illegal drugs due to the rampant campaign of the new administration of on eradicating illegal drugs in the country in a short span of three to six months.

Among the two hundred people consisting of drug pushers and users that surrendered to the police in Cebu City, Jay-R Siaboc and his cousin turned themselves to the police as confirmed by Toledo Police Chief Samuel Mina on ABS-CBN.

According to the Toledo Police Chief, Siaboc decided to surrender himself to the authorities to clear his side about the allegations that cycle on social media claiming that he’s a notorious drug pusher. The Ex-‘PDA’ denied that he’s a pusher but admitted that he uses drugs due to the demand of his job as a lead band singer which involves a lot of travelling that got him exposed to drugs.

Along with other drug users, Siaboc signed an oath to stop using illegal drugs which is now the protocol of the officials due to the large number of drug pushers and users turning themselves to the police.

Siaboc landed 1st runner-up during the 2006 talent search “Pinoy Dream Academy” where Yeng Constantino was hailed as the winner.
Siaboc became known for his song “Kada Uli Hilot”.


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