Wednesday, July 27, 2016



The romance that started inside the famous “Bahay ni Kuya” series which led to a 3-year marriage with one another, Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, otherwise known as “MelaSon”, confirmed they have finally ended their relationship.

    The comedienne, Melai, married Jason and three months later announced her pregnancy with her partner, three years ago. Apparently, both of them vowed that through thick or thin, none could ever separate them since she quoted that, “it is normal for couples to have arguments,” which was immediately bluffed by this news that the two had already been cold-hearted with one another.
    Jason mentions that the fight began when Melai accepted and signed the contract with the show, “I Will Survive” (with co-star, Pokwang). The two agreed that Melai will not have a leading man, but Melai had insisted that she will only have a leading man on the pilot episode. Having the thought that Jason is also busy with the show, “Super D”.

    He also quoted that he is “OA” (overacting) when it comes to love. He said that he is not that kind of person who’s into so much show business. He said that he wanted each other to know what to sacrifice and what is to forsake in the name of love.

    Apparently, the two began giving each other cold-shoulders as Jason would sleep on the other room away from Melai, which on the other hand, cries to herself every night, quoting that she had never experienced such intensive crying and never did she experienced such pain in her entire life.
    And so does the phenomenal, comedic love team have officially ended. MelaSon no more. Just as how easily love walked to their door, it flew away right out of their window. I just hope that the two of them get back together, hopefully not for their own selves, but at least for the sake of their only daughter.


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