Saturday, July 30, 2016

VIRAL : Child D1es Waiting in Line During Emergency Situation In a Hospital


Hospital is a place where anyone could come to treat their medical condition and emergency rooms are built for patients that need immediate attention. It’s very sad to think that sometimes the service of the medical staffs is only exclusive to financially stable people. Read how this child died because nurse advised her family to fall in line during an emergency.

Netizen Mhindz Bacaling Projas shared her encounter in Ynares Hospital where she saw a very ill little girl in line to seek for medical attention. According to the post, she was at the hospital yesterday morning when she saw this child crying outside the emergency room. She asked the family what they are doing outside waiting in queue. To her surprise, the child’s parent told her that a nurse advised them to wait for their turn outside because there’s no doctor available that morning.

"pinalabas daw po ng nurse sabi pumila daw sila at hintayin na tawagin dahil wala ang doktor Hindi po ako mapakali at pumunta po ako ng emergency room para pa assist sila mag ama.My God namn lupaypay na ang bata pinahintay nila ng 2-3hrs need ng bata ang oxygen and dextrose d man lang inasikaso tapos kung kelan patay n ang bata ska nila asikasuhin huli na ang lahat.. "

Unfortunately, the child died few hours later without being attended by any medical staff because of this a lot of netizens enraged and expressed their disappointment towards the hospital since the life of the child could have been saved, if someone attended her during the emergency situation.
The post didn’t include what the child was suffering from before she died.

This kind of story where hospitals failed to attend poor patients is no longer new here in our country. Just like Mhindz, we hope that medical professionals won’t only do their job for the sake of their living but most especially for the sake of their profession which is to save lives.


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