Thursday, July 7, 2016

VIRAL: 2 Goverment Employees Losses Job Because Of Playing DOTA During Work Hours


There’s always a time at work when you feel bored because there is nothing much to do that may result to doing things that are inappropriate in the workplace. Two employees of Mandaue city hall were fired after being caught playing online games during office hours.

caught in the act playing dota while at work

According to Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing, the two employees whose names were kept private were photographed on act playing the online game “Defense of the Acient” or DOTA while in duty. The photo was immediately sent to the Chief of Staff and fired the two employees the next day.
"A concerned city hall employee sent a picture to the Chief of Staff last night. We immediately contacted Human Resources to relieve them of their duties," Quisumbing told ABS-CBN News in yesterday’s phone interview.

The two employees were under the City Planning Department and were expected to do their duties of improving the city and solving the traffic during their duty.

The newly elected mayor added that he won’t hesitate employees doing the same thing the next time they caught. He also said that there are some employees that report during the weekend just to take advantage of the office’s facilities to play online games.

Due to this incident, Quisimbing instructed the City Hall’s IT Department to install firewalls to prevent the same incident again.

What about those employees splurging on social media? We hope that the policy won’t only just cover those who play games in the office but also the employees that constantly visit their social networking sites during work.


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