Sunday, July 31, 2016



Heartbroken? Hurting? Just got from a breakup you cannot move on? Hey, hey, hey! Keep your head up high, and shake it all off. Groove into these sassy dance steps by Yassi Pressman.

#1     The “PUSH AWAY” Step
Put your hands in front of you, arms crossed in overlap, and then push away back and forth! We don’t need people who don’t want to stay, it’s time to push away! Do this step four times.

    #2     The “WALK-OUT” Step
Time to flaunt your inner drama queen on this step. To do this step, flip your hair to the back with both hands like on a shampoo commercial, while walking forward like a super model. Next, walk backwards to the first point as if you have forgotten something, or as if unsure if you’re ready to leave the moment he has broken your heart. Repeat the steps with “pak ganern” aura.

    #3    The “WALLING” Step

Walling a la Vilma Santos. Sometimes you just can’t take all the pain and drama, you’ll just find yourself sliding dramatically on the wall. So to do this step, find a nearest wall, then slide your back there with your arms raised and resting on the wall as well, then slide with full expression.

    #4    The “HINDI NA TAYO IIYAK” Step
Sometimes we just wanna pretend we are strong, we just tend to tell ourselves (and sometimes our friends), we won’t be crying for anyone anymore. So to do this dance step, dramatically wipe your eyes with your arms (with aura and feelings, of course!).

    #5    The “HUGOT” Step
Okay, so now, we pretend we have moved on, but really we haven’t and all things still come with bitterness, so what we do, we “hugot”. So to do the ultimate “hugot” dance step, make a pulling motion with your arms starting from the bottom going upwards while thrusting your hips backward and forward every “hugot” dance step.

So here it is! Next time someone tries to break your heart or hurt you, do this dance steps in front of them, with “pak ganern” aura and walk away to start your own life once again. Next time you get yourself hurt, dance away with these steps by Yassi Pressman and enjoy the happy life of being single—for a while!


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