Thursday, July 28, 2016



Yesterday, Team Kramer official facebook page posted a video sharing Scarlett Kramer lying on a sofa while his dad Doug Kramer takes care of her. How is Scarlett Kramer doing now?

Children are really prone to accidents even they’re inside their home and popular online celebrities are not an exemption just like Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramers little girl Scarlett Kramer. This video posted on the official facebook page of Team Kramer showed that no one is safe from accidents. In the video, Doug Kramer was lecturing his ‘little doll’ Scarlett Kramer to always listen to him and her mom to avoid any accident.

accident of scarlet kramer

Scarlett Kramer was rushed in the hospital yesterday to treat her long wide wound in her right foot. According to Doug Kramer, the Scarlett was playing with her sister Kendra when a glass accidentally slipped down to her foot causing a huge wound that required seven stitches.

Doug Kramer revealed that Scarlett was very brave during the medication and she just cried when she given some injection and not during the surgery where she witnessed how the doctor stitched her wound.

For now, Scarlett is advised not to walk yet until her wound is completely healed despite her desire to walk hours after the surgery.

Scarlett’s wound extends from her toe approaching the middle part of her foot.
 To all the kids out there, let’s take this as a lesson. You must always listen to your parents because all they want is the best for you.


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