Monday, July 18, 2016

VIDEO: Ruffa Gutierrez Possesed By Bad Spirit ? Will Seek ESPERITISTA's Help


Annable Rama broke down in tears expressing her concern towards health problem of her daughter. According to her, Ruffa Gutierrez was rushed to the hospital last week because of unidentified medical problems.

Ruffa Gutierrez sapi video

According to Rama,  she plans to bring Ruffa in Singapore next week  to ask for 2nd opinion.  Meanwhile, Richard Gutierrez ( Ruffa's brother ) she plans to bring Ruffa in Singapore to ask for second opinion. Richard also told her that his sister’s condition frightens him since they just live in one home and has no option but to take care of her every time her illness attacks.

When Ruffa was asked about her condition, she told that she’s doing strange things for a couple of minutes during the wee hours.

“Hindi ko maalala. I was doing things that I didn’t know… parang I was acting in strange way. Siguro 5 to 6 minutes. Laging madaling araw. It was not the first time,” Ruffa said. 



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