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Finally, the daring side yet of Liza Sobrano will be unveiled on the latest issue of Cosmo magazine and before the magazine comes out, Cosmo Philippines teased the fans with video clips of how the pictorial came out.

Liza soberano cosmopolitan

Liza Soberano graces Cosmo cover where it showed the never before seen side of Liza Soberano. Hit the play button and watch the teaser of Liza Soberano’s pictorial that will leave you breathless.

The Cosmo pictorial proved that Liza Soberano isn’t a teen anymore. In the pictorial, Liza wore outfits that revealed moreabout the star. It even showed a clip where Liza teases the camera pulling up the strap of her outfit while giving everyone a stare.

Liza Soberano still managed to look very elegant and wholesome just like Marian Rivera when every time she graces magazine covers with sexy themes.

The outfits that Liza Soberano wore during the pictorial were basic black and white pieces that reveal her flawless back and sculpted abdomen. Her hair was done with natural waves that gracefully flow with the wind.

Overall, we can say that Liza Soberano nailed in showing off her seductive side on her latest pictorial and we can’t wait to see her shots on the upcoming issue of the Cosmo magazine.

Did Liza Soberano sizzle your day?

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