Saturday, July 30, 2016

VIDEO: Janella Salvador Plays Ukelele Goes Viral


Janela Salvador plays ukelele

Janella Salvador, a star on the rise on show business, guests on “Magandang Buhay” – a morning show hosted by Melai Cantiveros, Carla Estrada and Jolina Magdangal—along with her leading man/love team, Elmo Magalona.

    Janella, on the said show, sings and performs a few lines from “Bubbly”, a song by international artist Colbie Caillat, together with her skills in playing the ukulele and a few lines on the song called “Moon River” which is extremely adorable. The way she plays the ukulele as she sings the songs she know is truly charming and amazing at the same time.

Given the talent and singing voice this girl possessed, Janella stayed humble and down-to-earth despite the fact that she actually have something to show-off, especially when the audience asked for her to perform more beside the “Bubbly” song. She quoted that she is humbly shy to perform more for she might commit a mistake and people might laugh at her, which was bluffed-off by host, Melai, which she said jokingly that “It is okay, everyone commits mistakes and no one is perfect.” Which is actually true, and that led the young artist to perform a few more charming lines from the song “Moon River” which is absolutely soothing to the ears, and which she abruptly ended right away and laughed it off because she said she might commit a mistake and it’s pretty obvious she did not want that.

Janella is truly a cut-above-rest among the young artists in this generation. This girl in undeniably adorable, pretty and charming and not only does her looks say a lot about her: this girl has talent! She can act, sing, dance, play musical instruments and has got to say on hosting. Janella Salvador is truly “a star on the rise” and definitely deserves a spot on the limelight to shine as bright—or can shine more brighter—than the artists along with her generation who needs a lot of working out and polishing to shine as bright as the others. Janella has pure talent, it just needs to be honed for her to be the star she really was.


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