Sunday, July 10, 2016

VIDEO: Giant 700 pound 98 feet snake Caught in a Lake of North Carolina


A giant 700 pound 98 feet snake was reported to be pulled from the river of North Carolina in America. Due to this, the locals especially the authorities were alarmed and went through the missing people list since this huge snake could possibly eaten a human.

Is this even possible? Or is it again hoax news in order to get attention online?

Based on the report posted in, this “man eating snake” and the story behind it were hoax. Although the image looks very real, perfect camera angle manipulation is the one to be blamed why this snake looks much larger than its original size. Plus, the tractor background also made the gigantic looking snake look as it is.

Based on the report, the photo was originated in South East Asia particularly in Indonesia due to the snake’s appearance and skin pattern and was later found to be a python. The “giant python” was accidentally caught by construction workers during Thanksgiving near the village of Belinyu City.
The construction workers that discovered the snake were surprised when they saw it after knocking down a large dead tree in the area where the snake was sleeping inside. Unfortunately, the python died and was buried immediately.

Due to the sudden incident, no other photos were uploaded online. That’s why; it is still a mystery of how long and huge this “giant python” is.
Apart from this, there are also other reported cases of giant snakes caught in the region of south east asia but not as long and big like the giant snakes or anacondas in the movies. On the other hand, the largest snake discovered by man as of now is a reticulated python named Medusa living in Kansas City in the US.


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