Saturday, July 16, 2016

VIDEO : Gaining More Weights Together A Sign Of Happier Couple, According to International Study


Believe it or not, weight has a factor in a relationship as proven by an international study. Know more about this by watching the following report.

Is you and your partner getting fat together? If your answer is ‘yes’, well, congratulations! Your relationship would last.

getting fat together

According to National Center for Biotechnology Information, fat couples’ relationship last longer than those couples that are body conscious. 170 couples participated in the study and found that couples that get fat together have stable relationship than those couples that have strict diet.

The simple explanation behind this trend is that fat couples have more confidence on their partners that they won’t cheat because both of them are already satisfied and comfortable with each other whereas high rate of separation was found on couples that are figure conscious because the more they look good, the more they attract ‘other’ people which might cause a great problem in the relationship.
So, upon hearing this study, do you think weight plays a major role for the longetivity of your relationship with your partner? As we read some of the netizens comments, most didn’t believe the study because based on their experience, the stability of the relationship really depends on the couple on how they managed problems that come along the way and for them, there is nothing wrong with couples deciding to be fit.

What can you say about this study? Do you believe that weight is a factor in order to have a lasting relationship?


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