Friday, July 1, 2016



While everyone is going crazy with the “Trumpets” dance challenge, here are the members of the “Hey Joe Show” who still can’t get over with the “Tatlong Bibe” children song. Watch the members of the “Hey Joe Show” as they give newer flavour to the nakakaLSS “Tatlong Bibe” song.

This week the “Hey Joe Show” had come up with another video that instantly went viral which as of today hit the 2 million mark in less than a week. Looking very cool in an empty car park which probably in the US, the members of the “Hey Joe Show” took advantage of the great space to showcase their Bisaya dance version of the “Tatlong Bibe” children song.

At first, the cute Bisaya Americans started to jive with the “Tatlong Bibe” children song but later they felt that it would be better if they dance it in Bisaya version. As many of us know, the members of the “Hey Joe Show” are very fluent in Bisaya since they frequently visit and lived in Visayas for quite some time. That’s why; it’s no longer a surprise that they also recorded the “Tatlong Bibe” song using Bisaya.

Compared to the other viral dance cover videos of the children song, we find “Hey Joe Show” version the funniest and the most nakakagoodvibes despite the fact that the video only runs for less than a minute.

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