Sunday, July 31, 2016

VIDEO: 3 "J's " Of Ellise Joson Exes Revealed


   Elisse Joson, current PBB Celebrity Housemate talks about her rollercoaster love experiences inside the iconic “Bahay ni Kuya”.
    For some coincidental reason, all her showbiz ex-lovers all started with the letter “J”. She even quoted that she doesn’t want anymore “J” in her life. Big Brother initiated the confession by starting off with the first “J” that broke her heart.

Young actor, Jerome Ponce was the first one to top of her list. Jerome appeared on shows like, “OMG: Oh My God” with co-star Janella Salvador, which they played as siblings.

Elisse told that they started off when they worked together on a project. This was the kind of love they never saw coming because they we not each other’s type. But when they got to know together, opening their lives and hearts to each other, they have fallen for each other. And from there they were okay, then suddenly they were not. She said that the relationship didn’t work out because they have to have their relationship in secrecy, and that their relationship didn’t get her mother’s approval for she was an only child. Jerome told her that they have to keep the relationship a secret because of his career. And that had hurt her big time.

Elisse had clearly stated that this relationship was not something deeper and was more like just a fling. The relationship just went on by merely getting to know each other and going out. The relationship kind of ended because of people taking ugly things behind their back and they were not simply working out as a couple but more like friends.

According to Elisse, this is one of her biggest regrets. Jon was her best friend. And she regretted it so much because along with the relationship, their friendship ended as well. They no longer talk with each other and never see each other again like how they used to be back then.

McCoy, a celebrity housemate as well, who was allegedly having a romantic affection with Elisse, stated that he doesn’t want to get into a relationship with a friend. So he doesn’t really want to have their friendship [with Elisse] ruined because of love. So he is unsure on what could possibly be the outcome of them—Elisse and him—upon knowing Elisse’s side of the story about her famous ex-boyfriends.


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