Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Gorgeous model and TV and movie actress Jessy Mendiola crowned #1 in F H M 100 S3xiest Woman in Philippines.

    Sizzling h0t on the night of F H M 2016 Victory Party, Jessy owned the crowd wearing an irresistibly, h0t one-piece red suit as she enters, wowing the crowd with her absolute s3x1ness.

Jessy and Pia

    Jessy Mendiola, admittedly she didn’t expect for her to win 1st place being the s3x1est woman in the Philippines, and she couldn’t thank her fans more for voting her to win the crown. She topped off Nadine Lustre, Jennylyn Mercado—who was the previous #1 s3x1est—Angel Locsin, and Rhian Ramos.

    Upon receiving her trophy, the host of the night talks about how Jessy Mendiola actually feel about winning the place on the list of FHM, and what Jessy can say more is that she thanks the crowd, her fans, for voting constantly for her and she quoted that, “At least now we can prove that everyone is sexy.” And she also said that she think that this is the night to emphasize that everyone can be s3xy. Apparently, that is what she has been talking about the rest of the night. The host also asked that what is her secret to maintain a positive attitude and a her s3xy figure. At this point, Jessy was pretty much caught-off-guard. It is quite understandable that she didn’t expect it that much and that she wasn’t really prepared for some question-answer-portion kind of thing. Instead, she graced the answer by quoting the famous line said by Ms. Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, giving it her own twist that she said, “Talo ko pa si Pia Wurtzbach, di ba? Kung sya confidently beautiful with a heart, ako confidently s3xy with a heart. Nakakaloka.” (“I can most likely outtake Pia Wurtzbach, right? If she’s confidently beautiful with a heart, me, I’m confidently s3xy with a heart”). Then furthermore
emphasizing that if she can be s3xy, then everyone can most likely be s3xy and that everyone is s3xy.
    And like anyone who has achieved such recognition, Jessy garnered both a flock of fans and haters alike. Some say that Jessy doesn’t deserve the crown, that she is not s3xy enough or beautifully, hot enough, but some even congratulated her and even gave remarks that they shall encourage everyone to vote for her on the next FHM list.

    Just remember the Jessy-ala-Pia Wurztbach line, “Be confidently s3xy with a heart.”


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  2. Nakakaloka din yung sagot mo, nonsense! I used to like you a lot but lumobo yung ulo mo! Don't even compare yourself to Pia!

  3. damn girl.....taas agad ng eipad!!!!

  4. halerrr??? napaka amateur namn sumagot, kala ko lng ngkamali ako sa pgjudge, tama naman pla, lokang babae to

  5. halerrr??? napaka amateur namn sumagot, kala ko lng ngkamali ako sa pgjudge, tama naman pla, lokang babae to