Monday, July 25, 2016



Who would have ever thought a crocodile can be a man’s best friend? Meet POCHO, a crocodile who’s best of friends with Chito, a man from Costa Rica, South America. This two has an unlikely bond of friendship for already about 20 years. While most would regard this bond between humans and crocodiles be far too impossible to happen in real life, Chito and Pocho has defied the normative relationship of animals and humans.


man swims with the crocs
   Twenty years ago, as Chito narrated, he have found Pocho, who was a young crocodile back then, when he was shot on the head by a farmer when the youngster attacked his livestock. From then Chito nursed it back to health for about three years. He even chewed raw fish to encourage the crocodile to eat, and thus regaining its trust. He named it “Pocho” which means a strong and large man because it was growing up very fast. When Pocho had finally regained its health, he returned it to the wild and to his surprise, it came back to him when he actually thought it would live back to its natural habitat. From then on, their unusual friendship has begun and lasted for two decades. The story of their attachment with one another is almost like the things that happen on fantasy or fairytales, which everyone thought was to be too good to be true.

Crocodiles are known to be dangerous creatures in nature, truly great hunters of the deep, and the only known animal to have humans counted on their daily menu. Pocho and Chito’s rapport is incredible and unlikely to be true, but it is. You can see their connection, from the way Chito calls Pocho from the edge of the river by tapping the surface of the water while calling out his name, to the way they play with each other on the water leaving Chito unharmed through the years. You can see in them they have this special connection in their behavior and movements and the way they read each other. It is indeed priceless. It is not an everyday scenario you get to be friends with wild creatures—and a crocodile in particular—when it is most common for cats, dogs, and rodents to be domesticated. It’s very elating to see a crocodile in utmost care of a human and how I wished that every other human being in this world will partake of taking care of these creatures and preserving their species rather than hunting them down to their extinction.

As Chito had mentioned, he realized that these animals doesn’t need only our care. They needed more than that, and that is to be loved.


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