Monday, July 25, 2016

FUNNY VIDEO: Manny Pacquiao's Son Confused Who is His Mother


Jinkee Pacquiao posted a cute video of Instagram showing how his son was confused choosing his mother between Jinkee and her twin.

With the caption,” Last night: "Israel, come to mommy" nag-isip pa si Israel kung sino talaga mommy niya pareho kasi ng mukha. good job my baby.” Jinkee Pacquiao challenged his son to choose who his mommy is between her and her auntie.

At first the cute 2-year-old boy looked very confused on who to choose because his mom is an identical twin of his auntie. Jinkee Pacquiao was the lady on the left wearing white polo shirt while her identical twin Janet Jamorta was on the opposite side wearing a dress.

 For a few second, baby Israel tried to decipher who his mommy is and later the ‘lukso ng dugo’ took over and Pacquiao’s youngest child chose the right person walked towards his left and Jinkee welcomed him with wide open arms.

Everyone was very much delighted to Baby Israel most especially his mother who delightedly rewarded him with a loud “Good job, my baby!”

As of this writing this instagram video of Jinkee Pacquiao has reached more than 100K views in just two days after it was uploaded.

Jinkee and and now senator Manny Pacquiao was blessed with five beautiful children namely, Emmanuel Jr. (Jimuel), Michael Stephen, Mary Divine Grace, Queen Elizabeth and Israel.


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