Saturday, July 23, 2016

FUNNY VIDEO: Liza Soberano Sing and Dances " TATLONG BIBE"


Who says “Tatlong Bibe” is now outdated? Better think again because Liza Soberano along with love team Enrique Gil and Dolce Amore co-star Jeffrey Tam again brought back the famous children song into the lime light. Hit the play button to see their hilarious version.

Apart from the “Trumpets” dance challenge, the Filipino children song “Tatlong Bibe” also made the netizens groove with its original melody or its remix version but Liza Soberano took the craze in her own cute way and much later than the song became a hit.

Liza Soberano’s Dolce Amore star uploaded their own version of “Tatlong Bibe” on Instagram. In the  video, Liza was the lead singer  while Jeffrey Tam was in Ukelele. Enrique Gil, on the other hand, entered the show later with a long wig that was funnily placed on his head. Well, Enrique Gil didn’t just stand there and sang with Liza and Jeffrey, he made use of his dance floor skills and gave everyone some hilarious dance movements that only Enrique can nail with the funny wig.

Of Couse, it is not questionable that Liza Soberano again mesmerized the netizens and us. She was so adorable and her voice was very angelic despite she isn’t a singer and just singing a children song. Although she committed a mistake on the last part of the song, it’s forgivable and made her look more adorable.

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