Thursday, July 28, 2016

From Fangirl To Girlfriend. How Jovit Baldovino Met His Girlfriend.


    Pilipinas Got Talent Season 1 grand champion and successful recording artist, Jovit Baldivino share his love story on Magandang Buhay show on ABS-CBN.

    The couple became viral when a post on Facebook suggested the story being told by Baldivino’s girlfriend on how they met.

    The said post garnered for about a thousand likes and shares which then tells the story that from being a fan girl, she became the girlfriend of the singer.

    This time, the story was told on Jovit’s point of view to which he shared on the said show. He mentioned that her girlfriend, Shara Chavez, was indeed his fan, and has been attending his mall shows and concerts constantly. One time, he said, that he invited anyone from the crowd on who wants to sing a duet with him. And without hesitation, this fan (which is now his “bae”), climbed up the stage and sang a duet with him. Then at one event again, he saw this girl and then immediately told her that, “Parang natatandaan kita,” (“Hey, I think I have seen you before.”) and then that is when they started.

    The hosts of the show asked how about their girlfriends and boyfriends back then. Jovit said that before that day on, their past relationships had been over for a long time already. And for that, the show had Shara on the line to talk with and share something about their current relationship which would now turn 1 year on September.

    Shara told on the phone that no matter what other people say or think about them, be it like, “Wag yan kasi artista yan,” and such, they will manage to be strong with each other and that they will support each other all the way and mentions how she has been so grateful that she had met and been together with Jovit, sealing everything by saying, “I love you so much.”

    Jovit in return says that he sees Shara to be the one and when asked that will she be ready to face the questions which would be asked someday by Jovit, she answered with full certainty, “Yes.”


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