Friday, July 29, 2016

Face Yoga Method. The Secret of Nose Reshaping


    People nowadays are spending lots and lots of money to cosmetic surgeries, especially for altering their nose shapes. Some were naturally born with perfect, pointy nose while some are not very fortunate to be blessed to acquire such characteristics.

    Now, would you want to know how to make your nose narrower and slender? I’ll tell you a secret: Face Yoga Method. Just follow these simple steps on how to achieve that perfect-nose look minus the surgeries.

1.    Make an O-shape with your mouth, stretching your nose down.

2.    Next, close your nostrils halfway using your left and right index finger so that you can still breathe with your nose.

3.    Look up the ceiling without wrinkling your forehead. This is very important.

4.    Breathe through your nostrils while moving it fighting against your index finger. You should feel the contractions. Keep breathing.

5.    Do this exercise for 10 seconds, 3 sets every day.

While this method can take for a very long time to achieve desired results, it is important to know that patience is virtue. You don’t expect changes to happen overnight even if you do it for a week. Remember that the nose area is made of cartilage, not muscle so it can only work on the muscle around the nose area.

Patience is key. Do this every day with patience and without fail, you’ll see the results of your efforts in no time.


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