Saturday, July 30, 2016



90’s Jukebox King, April Boy Regino, known for his hit song, “Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin” and free caps during live performances which he throws to the audience as a souvenir, is now suffering from his illness which left his left eye completely blind and his right eye almost blind as a bat, which can barely see lights alone.

April Boy Regino sickness

    But despite of the circumstances the singer has been going through, April Boy remained optimistic about life, focusing on the positive things life has to offer. He said that it is all thanks to his family and friends that help him get through all the challenges. Now a full-time businessman, along with his son, they ventured into a restaurant business which they named after their first album, the singer remains hopeful and faithful the Lord.

    He said that there is no point to feel down and hopeless for he has got his family and friends who continue to help and support him in any way possible, including President Rodrigo Duterte, who is one of the people who provide financial help for his medication. He also mentioned that due to his condition, his live performances would be limited or could possibly none at all.

    But then again, April Boy keeps his faith strong towards God. That in Him, no storms could ever shake him. He also quoted that, “Everything we have in life is only borrowed from Him. I had borrowed my sight from Him, He has taken it back. Nevertheless, I always remain faithful that there is hope, that I can have my eyes back, and that my sight shall be restored. There is hope.”


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