Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7 Things You Should Not Do After Eating


“Don’t play or move too much after eating, you’ll get your intestines tied up all together,” is what we always hear from our mothers when we were young after our meals. Apparently, beside that popular notion our mothers have always told us, be it a myth or a fact, there are lots of things what you should NOT do after eating. Here are the WHATs and the WHYs:

1.    DO NOT SMOKE. Though it is a general fact that smoke is bad for everybody’s health, do not smoke after and even before meals. Smoking a cigarette after your every meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes, almost 600 times more dangerous than smoking a single cigarette stick, which gives a higher risk of cancer.

2.    EATING FRUITS. We all know that fruits are good for our health, however, unlike how our popular belief, it is not suggested to eat them after our meals. It causes food to get stuck in the stomach with other foods, thus spoiling in there before reaching the intestines, causing bloating and gastrointestinal distress. Best to eat fruits in the morning than after our meals.

3.    DO NOT DRINK COFFEE OR TEA. Although coffee and tea have benefits when taken in moderation, it is not suggested to drink them right after meals for there is a compound found in tea (called Tannin) which affects the protein and iron absorption of the body which can lead to anemia.

4.    TAKING A BATH is a no-no as well. Blood flow increases to our hands and feet and then decreases on the stomach, thus weakening the digestive system. Digestion needs a lot of energy.

5.    LOOSENING THE BELT. Though there is really nothing wrong with loosening the belt after meals, what makes it stand in the wrong position is the fact that you have eaten much more than what you should have eaten. Eat only what is enough and beyond your control, overeating is a no-no after all.

6.    NEVER GO FOR A WALK OR DANCE IMMEDIATELY. 10-30 minutes after your meal helps burn energy needed for digestion. However, lesser waiting time before walking or dancing, or any intense body movement after meal can disrupt food absorption.

7.    DO NOT SLEEP. Never doze off immediately after eating since it delays the entry of nutrients in the body and many digestive juices traveled in every direction leading to a burning sensation in the chest.


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