Sunday, July 31, 2016

4 Years Old Trapped In An Old Man's Body


    To the folks who have watched the movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” starred by Brad Pitt, would actually think that the case of the protagonist in the movie is indeed purely fictional. However, this story which we will be telling you today is not a story of fiction.

    4-year-old Bangladeshi kid, Bayezid Hossain is a small boy trapped in an old man’s body. His age is legit, but his appearance is not parallel to the years he has lived throughout his life.

    The boy had a swollen face and a sagging, wrinkled skin—like of a man that had lived up for decades. Bayezid’s appearance and rare genetic disorder called Progeria to which aging symptoms manifest at an early age, and Cutis Laxa, a rare skin disease that affects the connective tissues in the body.

    Because of his condition, Bayezid was robbed of his right to live a normal childhood. His disease scares kids of his age, and he cannot play like a normal kid does because of his disease, he had weaker teeth, problems in urinating and aching joints which manifest at an early age. His mother, Tripti Khatun, was even frightened when she gave birth to Bayezid at the age of 14. She said that the baby was all skin and bones and looked like an alien which was truly heartbreaking for her.

    Bayezid, despite his physical appearance, he had a wonderful personality and an intelligent mind which outshone other kids of the same age. His mother described him as stubborn and impatient but has a very sharp mind and full of conversations.

    Unfortunately, there is no known cure yet for Progeria and Cutis Laxa as of today. Doctors have no idea what to do, and has told everyone that there is nothing they can do about the disease, and people inflicted with the said genetic disorder cannot live for more than 15 years, and that counts Bayezid in.


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