Saturday, June 25, 2016

WATCH : Jollibee Dances Trumpet Challenge Video


Well, it’s not only showbiz celebrities that grooved the latest dance hit “Trumpets” but also fast food chains mascots. Let’s not go further because the first thing that comes in our minds when we talk about mascots is none other than Jollibee. Watch Jollibee’s own version of the “Trumpets” dance challenge.

Jollibee dances trumpet dance challenge

This video posted by Jack Villanueva will definitely make your day because it involved Jollibee. In the video, the bee mascot grooved the Sak Noel’s “Trumpets” together with Hetti Spaghetti but later the female mascot surrendered the spotlight to Jollibee.

Honestly, after watching, among all the celebrities that joined the “Trumpets” dance challenge Jollibee’s version is the only version that kept the smile on our faces from the beginning of the showcased up to the end because he looked very adorable.

We salute the man behind the Jollibee mascot since it takes much more effort to dance carrying extra pounds of outfit. Not to mention, Jollibee’s head piece looked pretty heavy and simultaneously doing some dance stunts while in it.

Also, Jollibee and Hetti Spaghetti incorporated in their dance number the hit children song “Tatlong Bibe” in remix.

As of this writing, this video of Jollibee dancing Sak Noel’s “Trumpets” now gained 405K views and 14K shares.

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