Wednesday, June 29, 2016

VIRAL VIDEO: THis Beautiful Lady Tries To Park Her Car, What Happened Next Is Shocking


Only few people have the skills to perfectly park a car without breaking any sweat but this woman that you’re about to see is different. Hit the play button to know the reason why this woman took quite some time to park her car.

Jelai Andress and Jon Gutierez

 This video of a guy ( Jon Gutierrez) filming his girlfriend  ( Jelai Andres) as she was trying to perfectly park her car certainly made our day despite it was just a 1-minute video. Frankly, among all the driving lessons, parking is considered as the most difficult because obviously , you only got a small space to be able to perfectly fit your car in that allotted space and it’s understandable why a lot of drivers find a hard time parking their car but not this beautiful lady in the video.

In the video, it can be noticed that the beautiful driver is very confident with her driving. She looked very serious and most part of her torso was working hard in order to give her car a perfect park although his friend kept on teasing him. And we can’t blame him for constantly teasing her because at the end of the video, he revealed where he’s coming from.

Of course, we won’t spoil you what’s the reason why the beautiful driver found a hard time parking her car but one thing is for sure, it will sure make you burst to laughter.


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